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Harley Street Aromatherapists

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy for the treatment and prevention of disease, based on the use of essential oils and plant materials to manipulate the mood, mind or health of a person. There are many ways aromatherapy can be administered including through inhalation, as a topical cream or oil and aso via diffucion into the air to promote a pleasant environment.

There are many routes of undergraduate study to become an Aromatherapist. In order to practice in this field one must obtain a qualification that meets the National Occupational Standards and complies with the core curriculum of the Aromatherapy Council. The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapists offers a voluntary registration that requires this criteria.

There are a variety of common conditions that aromatherapists are presented with, including the reduction of pain and anxiety, for an energy boost, to aid relaxation and for various skin conditions such as eczema.

Those who consult with an aromatherapist wish to use alternative therapy in the form of essential oils and plant extracts t treat or reduce the symptoms they are suffering.



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