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Addiction Clinics

Drug rehabilitation is the process of assisting a person to cease their addiction to substances, whether prescription or illegal, through psychotherapy and medication. Substance abuse can cause problems legally, socially, psychologically, financially and physically and the severity of the addictions decides what intervention and help is provided

Substance abuse and addiction is generally managed by counsellors who have specialised training in this field. After undergraduate study a substance abuse counsellor will undergo further training in addictions. Generally, registration with the Royal College of Physicians and Psychiatrists will allow a medical professional to train in the pharmaceutical treatment and counselling of patients with addictions. A multidisciplinary team of physicians, counsellors and support workers are recommended for the care plan of a client.
There are many addictions that are normally referred to an addiction clinic including alcoholism, prescription drugs, cocaine, amphetamines, heroin and other psychoactive substances. Those who seek help from an addiction clinic are suffering with substance abuse and addiction.



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