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Harley Street IVF Clinics

In Vitro Fertilisation Clinics assist with the fertilisation of an egg and sperm outside of the body to enable the natural problems of pregnancy and conceiving to be overcome. IVF clinics provide services that help to research, counsel and treat those couples with fertility problems. The removal of a number of eggs (ova) from the woman and the fertilisation of these with her partner’s sperm under laboratory conditions promoting the ideal climate for conception to occur. The zygote, or fertilised egg, is then transplanted back into the uterus to continue the pregnancy until birth.

After 6 years of undergraduate medical training these experts received focused training in the fields of IVF and fertility and are members of the Royal College of Physicians where they specialised in reproductive sciences and fertility problems.

Infertility between a couple can be ascertained and treated by an IVF clinic. Problems within the fallopian tube in a woman can make it difficult for the egg to hatch. Men may suffer from a low sperm count, or low sperm quality.

Those who visit an IVF clinic wish to conceive and are having problems with this goal.



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