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Harley Street Anaesthetists:

Anaesthetics is the process of removing the sensations of feeling on a temporary basis. It is used for a number of procedures as it allows the patient to undergo surgery without distress or pain. There are many different type used medically today including local anaesthetic, regional and general. Local works within a specific area, general makes the patient unconscious and unaware of any sensation or motor impulse and regional covers a larger area.

Anaesthetists must be trained both in anaesthesia and peri-operative medicine. The final post-graduate medical exam, the FRCA, is seen to be the most difficult of all.

Common uses of local anaesthesia including dental work and other minor procedures. General anaesthestic is required for more intrusive procedures. Regional treatment involves affecting the nerves of an area to the spine and is also an epidural.

Patients who are to undergo a procedure, whether minor or major, will be under the care and expertise of an anaesthetist.

Find a harley street anaesthetist for general, local anaesthesia or peripheral nerve blockade including chronic pain condition management.



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