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Aviation Medicine

Aviation medicine is the research, treatment and prevention of conditions related to flight. It can also be referred to as aerospace or flight medicine. It works within the fields of domestic and private flying, to astronauts and space exploration. Flying produces physical and biological strains that can cause adverse response and reactions.

An aviation medical examiner is a medical practitioner appointed by a local aviation authority to provide two separate standard medical certificates for flight. One for professional pilots and a second for private flight.

There are many different risks with flight that need to be ascertained before a certificate can be issued. These include myocardial infarction, epilepsy and diabetes as all of these are affected by altitude. Also the nature of the jobs within the flight sector demand irregular hours which can make certain conditions more likely.


People who require the services of aviation medicine are those concerned with flight, including pilots, astronauts, cabin crew and high risk passengers.



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