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Harley Street Diabetologists:

Diabetology is the research and study of Diabetes Mellitus and comes under the field of Endocrinology. Diabetes Mellitus is the most common condition to be referred to a specialist and it is when a person cannot produce enough insulin, which means their blood sugar levels can get too high and they require monitoring and control through their diet and medication.

Diabetologists are consultant physicians and are highly trained professionals and typically members of the Royal College of Physicians. They concentrate mainly on diabetic management and research but they will also be trained in the problems that arise from the condition itself, including sight issues, kidney problems and Neuropathy.

The most common complaints for referral to Diabetology clinics are those associated with endocrinology. Diabetes is the most common however any deficiency or problem with the production or regulation of hormones such as hypothyroidism or obesity.

Patients with diabetes or who suffer with problems such as Retinopathy, Neuropathy or nephropathy as a result of the condition,are typically under the care of a diabetologist.



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