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Harley Street Gastroenterologists:

Gastroenterology is the diagnosis and management of conditions associated with the digestive system. This is a system that includes all organs and processes from the mouth to the anus. With a rich history of interest and experimentation, this field has produced Nobel prize winners due to their investigative techniques and discoveries that have made this specialisation so broad.

A Gastroenterologist is a medical practitioner that has qualified as a general physician from medical school and further specialised in digestive disorders. This is normally after studying internal medicine as a pathway.

Due to the volume of processes and systems covered by this discipline, there are many different conditions that occur regularly, including heartburn, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, polyps, haemorrhoids and colorectal cancer, all which display specific symptoms and require a variety of treatments.

Those under the care of a gastroenterologist are in the process of dealing with a condition or disease of the digestive system, through investigation, treatment and resolution.

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