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Harley street Haematologists:

Haematology is the research, analysis and treatment of blood, its productive organs and diseases. From the study of blood content and issues arising within this area, many treatments have been formulated to assist with acute and chronic conditions.

Haematologists follow the route of a physician, starting in medical school and specialising in internal medicine. Further training is acquired within haematology to concentrate in this area and to become a member of the Royal College of Physicians. A Haematopathologist follows the same route of study but carry out their diagnosis in a laboratory setting.

The blood contains a number of different structures that have many functions and there are a variety of conditions that can arise when they do not function properly, including haemophilia, lymphoma, and anaemia. A haematologist will also manage blood transfusions and analysis and stem cell research.

One requires the expertise of a haematologist when there are issues with the content of the blood or symptoms that suggest the blood is involved.

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