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Harley Street private Obstetricians: Locate a london or harley street based private obstetrician on the harley street doctors directory.

Harley Street Obstetricians

Obstetrics is the study and management of a woman's reproductive system and her child during pregnancy, throughout labour and postnatally. It focuses on the prenatal screening and care throughout all three trimesters. This is carried out trough recording medical history, gestational age, imaging and physical examinations. This then progresses to assisting with childbirth and postnatal care before discharge to ensure both mother and child are recovering and stable.

Obstetricians are medical professionals, who after 6 years of undergraduate medical training received focused training in the field of gynaecology and surgery and are members of the Royal College of Surgeons. They chose to specialise in obstetrics and are trained in the surgical procedures associated with pregnancy and labour.

There are many common reasons for seeking the expertise of an obstetrician. Pre-natally, blood tests should be carried out for indication of disease or disorders such as HIV, Rubella or HDN. Complications can arise during this period incuding ectopic pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, fetal distress or uterine rupture. Obstetricians also manage the caesarean procedure.

Those who consult with an Obstetrician are pregnant women who require care and management throughout their pregnancy, labour and post-natal periods.



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