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Harley Street Sports Injury: Browse our clinics and specialists in london and harley street who deal with acure and chronic sports injuries.

Sports Injury

Sports Injury specialists are interested in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all trauma related to athletic activities. This generally covers those injuries caused by repetition, overuse or specific trauma to an area which has occurred through a specific physical activity. They deal with professional competitors and both amateur and casual sportsmen and women.

After 6 years of undergraduate medical training these experts received focused training in the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine and are members of the Royal College of Physicians where they specialised in Sports Injuries.

Sports Injury specialists generally concern themselves with broken bones, torn ligaments, tennis elbow, runner's knee, contusion or muscle strains among many other injuries that can occur within the varied field of sports.

Those who seek the expertise of a Sports Injury specialist have acquired an injury or condition as a result of partaking in a sports activity.




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